Welsh Springer Spaniels

Puppy Application

Our goal is to place each of our welshies in the most suitable home possible where the dog will meet the owner's expectations and the owners will provide a home that matches the dog's personality and energy level. To help with this process, we ask that you complete the following application to formalize your interest in one of our puppies. Acceptance of this form by Cryslen Welsh Springer Spaniels does not guarantee you a puppy but will enable you to be considered for one of our pups. Please answer each question as completely and honestly as possible to be considered for a Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy from one of our future litters.

Please completely read our Puppy Information page and sample contracts before filling out this form.

Personal Information

Full Name:
Street Address:
City, State & Zip Code:
Phone: Cell:
Email Address:
Your Employer:
Spouse's Employer:

All members of your household, including your spouse, with ages and occupations:

Name Age Relationship to You Occupation

  • Are you planning to add children/more children to your family? When?
  • Does anyone in your household suffer from allergies to pets/pet dander? If so, please explain your plans for managing those allergies and how you will handle the situation if the allergies become unmanagable:

Prior Dog Experience

  • Have you had a dog before? If so, what breeds? How long ago?
  • Do you still have this/these dog(s)? If not, why? Where is the dog now? If deceased, how old was it when it died, and how did it die?
  • Do you have any other pets? Please provide species and age of all pets.
  • Please tell us about your dog owning experiences, if any (pet owner, attended obedience classes, showed in breed or obedience, hunted with dogs, bred a litter, etc.) What experience do your children have with dogs?

Puppy Expectations

  • Why do you want a dog?
  • How do you plan to exercise your dog?
  • What is your plan for socializing your new puppy? Please be as specific as possible.
  • What do you know about Welsh Springer Spaniels and why have you chosen this breed? What have you done to research the breed?
  • Are you interested in a male or female, and why?
  • Are you willing to consider a dog of the opposite sex if the other is not available?
  • Are you interested in an older dog rather than a puppy?
  • How much and what kind of grooming do you intend to do? Who will be responsible for grooming this dog?
  • How would you describe the personality or specific traits you are looking for in your new dog? Do you want a couch potato, an active dog, a very active dog, etc? (Please be specific about energy level, drives, confidence, dominance/submission, independent, professional cuddler, appearance and anything else that is important to you in your dog.)

Training Expectations

  • Have you trained a dog before and are you familiar with training facilities in your area? Please list training facilities you are familiar with and/or plan to take your dog too.
  • What methods of dog training are you familiar with? Please describe as fully as possible.
  • Are you interested in:
  • Have you ever crate trained a dog and how do you feel about crating?
  • How will you handle the situation if you find your puppy has chewed up a new pair of shoes?
  • How will you deal with the situation if you walk into a room and see that your puppy has peed on the carpet?
  • How do you plan to housebreak your new puppy?

Home Information

  • Describe your living arrangements (single home, duplex, condo, apartment, etc.) Do you own or rent? If you rent, do you have written permission from your landlord or rental agency to have a dog? If you rent, Is there a size limited on dog you can keep on the propery?
  • Do you have a fenced-in yard? How tall is the fence? What type of fence? How big is the yard?
  • What area(s) in your home will your dog be permitted? Are there areas your dog will not be allowed in?
  • Where will your dog be while you are at work and how many hours a day would you be gone?
  • Where will your dog stay when you are on vacation or traveling?
  • About how often do you go away for business or mini/major vacations?
  • Where will your dog sleep at night?
  • Do you or anyone living in your household smoke?


  • What do you plan to feed your new puppy? What have you fed your past dogs?
  • Who will be responsible for feeding the dog?

Our Expectation of You

  • Keeping a welsh springer is not an inexpensive venture, between quality food, veterinary care, and training. Are you confident that you know how much this dog will cost you to maintain and that you have the resources to do so?

  • Like people, dogs sometimes get sick or have injuries. During the normal life span of your dog when there is a reasonable expectation for a return to full health, are you prepared to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to care for your dog?
  • You will be REQUIRED, by contract to have your dog's hips x-rayed at the age of 24-30 months for OFA evaluation. Further, an OFA thyroid test will be required between 18-30 months. Are you prepared to pay the $400-600* total cost needed to have these tests completed during the second year of owning a welshie bred by us? (*Cost of veterinary tests vary by practitioner.)
  • Do you currently have a veterinarian? If so, please provide their name, address and phone number. If not, have you inquired about the veterinarians in your area? If you presently have pets, you must provide your veterinarian's information to be considered for a puppy.

General Information

  • If necessary, are you willing to wait until a puppy becomes available?
  • How did you find out about us?

  • Are you on any breeders' puppy lists?
    If so, whose?
  • Are you or anyone in your household planning on getting another puppy during the next year? If so, please provide details on breed, sex, breeder and goals for that puppy.


Please provide names, addresses and phone numbers of people who can verify your qualifications and lifestyle--such as the breeders of your present dogs, dog trainers, training partners, friends, and neighbors. We strongly prefer email contact so please try to get correct email addresses. Missing email addresses will delay processing of your application.

Reference #1:
Relationship to you:
Reference #2:
Relationship to you:
Reference #3:
Relationship to you:
Reference #4:
Relationship to you:
  • Use this section to ask us questions or give us any other relevant information.

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