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GCH CH Mystic Acres Cryslen's Kung Fu Princess CHIC "Jasmine"

Jasmine winning her second major

Jasmine April 2013Jasmine joined our family on November 25, 2011. She is Tucker's daughter from his first litter. We are so happy to have our Tucker's daughter in our family. Thank you to Keith and Carla Vooris for breeding Bay Bay to Tucker and for trusting us with our special little Princess Jasmine.

Jasmine winning her first majorJasmine is so much like her Papa, Tucker and takes after him in temperament and looks. She has Tucker's beautiful head and expression. Jasmine has a beautiful neck and shoulders, level topline and correct tailset. She has balanced angulation front and rear and beautiful converging movement and gorgeous sidegait!

Jasmine loves her mommy, Crystal and can always be found in her lap. She needs four single points to finish her Grand Champion title and is preparing to trial for her Rally Novice (RN) title and Beginner Novice (BN) title.

Jasmine, August 2014 - Best of BreedWhat's in a name?

Jasmine is named after her sire (GCH CH/U-CH Mystic Acres Kung Fu Fighting BN, RN, CHIC) and the Disney character "Princess Jasmine" from Alladin. Her nicknames are Princess, Pumpkin Head and Monkey.

Jasmine's Titles

Jasmine's Health Testing

Jasmine has completed her health testing and passed all health tests:

Jasmine's Accomplishments

Jasmine finished her AKC championship with a four-point major on April 12, 2014. Her wins are listed below:

Show  Date Judge Class Result Points
Middle Peninsula Kennel Club Of Virginia 1/26/2013 Mr. Thomas H. Bradley III Puppy, 12-18 Mo Bitches 1/W 1
Rock Creek Kennel Club 6/30/2013 Mr. Norman L. Patton Open Bitches 1/W 1
Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club 7/5/2013 Mr. Don L. Evans Open Bitches 1/W 1
Upper Marlboro Kennel Club, Inc. 7/6/2013 Mr. Roger R. Hartinger Open Bitches 1/W 1
Talbot Kennel Club, Inc. 11/7/2013 Mr. Frank J. Washabaugh Open Bitches 1/W 1
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club, Inc. 11/8/2013 Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus Open Bitches 1/W/BW 1
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club, Inc. 11/9/2013 Mr. Lawrence (Larry) J. Sinclair Open Bitches 1/W 3
Springfield Kennel Club, Inc. 11/24/2013 Enrique Jorge Filippini Open Bitches 1/W 2
Greater Fredericksburg Kennel Club 1/11/2014 Dr. Steve Keating Open Bitches 1/W/OS 1
Harrisburg Kennel Club, Inc. 4/12/2014 Mr. Walter J. Sommerfelt Open Bitches 1/WB/BOS 4
Total CH Points 16

Jasmine is now working towards her Grand champion title:

Show  Date Judge Class Result Points
Southern Maryland Kennel Club, Inc. 6/28/2014 Dr. Gareth Morgan-Jones B.O.B. SEL* 4
James River Kennel Club, Inc. 7/30/2014 Mr. Charles E. Trotter B.O.B. OS* 1
James River Kennel Club, Inc. 7/31/2014 Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter B.O.B. SEL 1
Roanoke Kennel Club, Inc. 8/1/2014 Dr. Robert A. Indeglia B.O.B. B* 4
Roanoke Kennel Club, Inc. 8/2/2014 Mrs. Loraine Boutwell B.O.B. SEL 1
New River Valley Kennel Club 8/3/2014 Mr. Houston Clark B.O.B. SEL 1
Penn Ridge Kennel Club 8/8/2014 Mrs. Wendy G. Willhauck B.O.B. SEL* 4
Penn Ridge Kennel Club 8/9/2014 Mr. Howard M. Yost B.O.B. SEL* 5
Big Apple Sporting Society 3/19/2015 Mr. James S. Martin B.O.B. OS 2
Southern Maryland Kennel Club 6/27/2015 Ms. Elizabeth Muthard B.O.B. OS/BOBOH 1
Total GCH Points
* At least one Champion of Record defeated at these shows.

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