Finding a Professional Handler

Over the years, I have used several different handlers and had some very good experiences and some very bad experiences.  In this post, I would give some suggestions on how to find and hire a professional conformation dog show handler.

Picking a Handler

  1. Ask breeders you know who they recommend.
  2. Find out if the handler is register with an professional dog handler associations, such has The Professional Handlers Association (PHA) or AKC Registered Handlers Program.
  3. Meet the handler in person and talk to them about how they transport, house and care for the dogs entrusted to them.
  4. Trust your own instincts about the handlers you meet.  Make sure you are comfortable with the handler and where your dog will be staying when at shows and not at shows.
  5. I prefer to go with my dog to the show the first few times I use a new handler and watch how the handler works with my dog and other dogs they are showing.

The Cost

A professional handler may charge between $35 and $85 per show depending on their experience and where they are located.  Handlers usually charge extra for boarding, grooming, expenses, handling at specialties and big wins, such as group placements and best in show.

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