Consistency is The Key to Training Success

We are on week two of Raiden’s obedience classes.  We have mainly been practicing crate games in the crate and at the backdoor and gates around the house.  We’ve actually been doing crate games with Tucker a little bit longer than we have with Raiden and we are also starting to work with Maya, as well.

Tucker has really caught onto the idea that he has to sit at the door.  I just have to grab the door handle or knob and wait for him to sit.  Once I try to open the door, Tucker is still attempting to get up and drive through it, so I have to shut it again.  I shut the door and wait for Tucker to sit again.  After shutting the door a couple times, Tucker understands that he has to stay seated and then I give him the release word, “Break”.  Tucker is getting better and better at staying seated at the door until I give the release word.

Raiden and Maya are a few steps behind Tucker in understanding that they have to sit before I will open the door.  They are used to barreling through the door as soon as it’s opened, so this is going to take a lot of practice and consistency.  Consistency does seem to be paying off through.  When I remember to make them sit at each door they get better at figuring out that that’s what they need to do.  If I forget to make them sit at the door, they get confused.  I’m figuring out that the more consistent I am the more clear they are on what they need to do to get their reinforcement, which is to be allowed to go through the door.

It’s so great when it’s clear that they understand what is expected of them and Raiden really seems to be getting it.  With more consistency, Raiden and Maya will figure out what is expected as well.

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