Tucker is gaga for fetch!

Tucker loves to play fetch.  This is something we started working on with him when he was about nine months old.  He loves to play fetch with a frisbee, but his new favorite toy is a squeaky pink elephant.  He fetches it and squeaks it as he brings it back to us.  The squeaking aspect of his new toy just amplifies his drive for fetching.  He is so excited about playing fetch and has so much drive he actually reminds me of what little I have seen of flyball.

He wants to run out into the yard and anticipate where we are going to throw his toy.  Sometimes this ends up with him having no idea where the ball was actually thrown.  Hence the fact that he needs to sit and wait for the ball to be thrown so he can see where it’s going to go.  We have been working on this by asking him to sit, but as soon as the ball is thrown he’s gone without waiting for us to release him.  Today, I held him in a sit position while Alex threw the ball for him and I released him after it landed.  That worked very well except he didn’t like being held in place very much.  I’m not sure if this is the right way to train a field dog.  I want to get a Junior Hunter title on him at some point, but I’ve been holding off on that until he gets his championship.

Hopefully, with all this drive Tucker will have no problem getting his JH title.  I just hope he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to “squeak” the birds.  I might try him in flyball too.  I wonder if there are any other welshie flyball dogs.

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