UKC Conformation Championship

Tucker's UKC New Ch PhotoOn April 23rd through 25th, we took Tucker to our first UKC (United Kennel Club) shows.  Tucker finished in four shows and took four group placements in five shows.  He got a group two Friday night, a group three Saturday and two group fours on Sunday.

A UKC championship requires 100 points and three wins in competition.  He received 10 points for winners his senior dogs class and 15 points for winning Best Dog.  That gave him 25 points for each show entered because competition was not required to get the class points.  He got his three competition wins by winning in the group, so his fourth show finished his UKC championship.

I found the UKC shows to be a great experience builder (mostly for me since Tucker has plenty of ring experience).  The shows were a lot smaller, so there was a lot less competition.  There were only three dogs in the Gun Dog group Friday evening and the rest of the weekend there were five dogs in the group at each show.  It appears that UKC makes the championship very easy, so just about any dog can get a UKC championship, but then they require a bit more competition to get into the Top 10 in your breed or get a Grand championship.  Requiring competition in rare breeds can make it impossible to go beyond the championship level since it can be impossible to get an entry of two or more dogs in your breed unless you personally own two or more show-able dogs.  All in all, it can be good for experience, but not much else.  The quality required to get an AKC championship is far greater than that required by UKC, so a UKC title is not comparable to the AKC title.

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