Tucker is in a Local Online Newspaper

On Friday, June 16, 2010, the day before the Shawnee Kennel Club dog shows in Berryville, VA, Tucker and I traveled to Berryville, so his handler, Katie Shepard could give Tucker a pre-show trim. While Tucker was on the grooming table, a reporter stopped by to interview us for the local Berryville newspaper.  Since Berryville no longer has a print newspaper, this is the only newspaper for the local area, which I found very interesting.

Perhaps because it was the day before the show while vendors and handlers got setup, the focus of the article was on how dog show exhibitors make money at dog shows by selling dog supplies and exhibiting dogs, not by breeding and selling puppies.  This is a positive article that I wanted to share and pass on.To see Tucker and Katie’s picture and read this positive report on dog shows visit Berryville Goes to the Dogs! … At least for the weekend

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