We Welcome Welshie #2 from Mystic Acres

On Friday, July 23rd, I went to pick up our newest addition from Carla and Keith Vooris of Mystic Acres Welsh Springer Spaniels.  We had already decided her name would be Leeloo AKA Mystic Acres Big Bada Big Boom, but we did not yet know which of the three girls Leeloo would be.  When I arrived Carla told me I could choose between the two pick girls.  In structure, they were very similar.  It was a difficult decision.  I decided to go with the puppy that I had my eye on for a while.  She also had better “lay back of shoulders”.  The other puppy also seemed a little leggier than I liked, so I went with my favorite and the one that had more red on her back.

After having dinner with Keith and Carla and spending more time getting to know the puppy that we now knew was Leeloo, we started the two hour trip home.  When we got home, Leeloo stayed close to me since I was the one she knew, but she quickly became a Daddy’s girl and would wait for him to come back from the kitchen.  I took a few days for Tucker and Raiden to warm up to Leeloo.  Tucker was used to being my velcro-dog and not at all used to finding a puppy in my lap, but he’s gotten used to it and loves playing with his little neice now.  Raiden doesn’t really play with Leeloo the way he enjoyed playing with Tucker.  I guess he feels he’s getting too old for that now, but he’s extremely tolerant of her pulling on his ears, lips and collar.

We are having a great time with our first girl welshie.  We are currently working on housebreaking and teaching her it’s not nice to bite.  She will get her second round of puppy vaccinations August 20th and be ready to start puppy obedience and handling classes in September.

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