Starting Fall with Obedience and Rally

I signed Tucker up for a Beginning Rally class at Richmond Dog Obedience Club.  It starts September 1st.  We have been practicing sit and down, so hopefully Tucker is ready for the class.  We will need to practice heel and stay before the class starts in a couple days.  Hopefully, Tucker will be ready to get his RN October 21st, when we go to the Regional Specialty in Georgia.

Leeloo has taken her second puppy manners class at All Dog Adventures.  She was very shy at her first few vet visits and in the first class, but she started to warm up by the end of class and was at least willing to take cookies during the class.  She also started learning “Target”, which is touching my hand for a treat.  We are working on attention, crate games and “It’s Yer Choice.”  She learns very quickly, so I think she’s really going to join obedience.

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