Happy 3rd Birthday to Tucker!

We celebrated Tucker’s 3rd birthday on Thursday, September 9th.  Tucker took a trip to Petsmart on his birthday and got a new toy and treats.  This was Tucker’s first time wearing the birthday hat, but it is a family tradition for Mystic Acres welshies and he wore it proudly.

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  1. Kali

    Hi! Well, you showed me your site awhile ago and it has been on my favorites list sinc then. Then I found the news area and even though this is kind of old, I loved the picture. I think I wanna do this for Storm’s third birthday! By the way, I am going to try and teach Storm the “break” trick. Wish me luck!

  2. Thank you! All Tucker’s family wears birthday hats on their birthdays. They are taught by Tucker’s breeder, Carla at an early age. Let me know if you ever want help training Storm.

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