Tracking Time with Tucker

Tracking is a sport that is sometimes referred to as the “competition version of search and rescue”.  Any dog can track, but many WSS are quite adept at it.  Tucker started tracking with a seminar on Dec. 4th.  He did three short tracks with hot dogs to help him follow the trail.  By the third track, he had the idea and knew just where to find the hot dogs.  We started weekly classes one week later and again he did three tracks and he still seems to be enthusiastically follow the trails with no problems and picking up hot dogs along the way.  Tucker is not doing tracks in strainght lines about 100 paces long and with hot dogs every 8 paces.  We will continue to make the tracks longer and the hot dogs fewer until he doesn’t need hot dogs at all.  Soon we’ll be adding turns and working our way toward 440 yard tracks, which is what Tucker will have to do to get a Tracking Dog (TD) title.

It will be my dog to learn how to read Tucker and how to handle a 40′ lead.  That should be interesting and fun.  At first, I was not sure about this “cold weather sport”, but Tucker and I are having a lot of fun tracking.  It will take about a year to get Tucker TD title, so hopefully he will continue to enjoy it and I can continue to make it fun for him and get out practice time in each week.

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