Our first real obedience class

Tucker and I are finally in our first real basic obedience class.  Since I’ve taught him sit, down, front, finish left and finish right and stay for rally, he knows most of what he’s learning, but hasn’t been super reliable, especially when there were no cookies involved.  We are now on week four (about the attend our fifth class) and he’s become super reliable at sit, down, recall and stay and made great strides in learning to heel on leash.  We will be competing for our first ever rally and obedience legs on April 9th and 10th, so we’re practicing every day.  It’s so great to see him learn and have fun doing it.  I love positive reinforcement dog training!  We have also taken tracking lessons and have our first tracking practice in a while this weekend.  We’ll be taking nose work classes starting in April.

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