Our First Two Weekends of Rally and Obedience Trials

Last weekend in Harrisonburg, VA, Tucker and I went to our very first rally and obedience trials.  On Saturday we had Beginners Novice Obedience and Rally Novice and Sunday we only had Beginners Novice.  Our first Beginners Novice trial went well.  Tucker completed all of the exercises pretty well.  He doesn’t heel super close to me, but we got a 178.0, which is a qualifying (Q) score.  Our first Rally Novice trial didn’t go as well because Tucker knocked over a sign and I (trying to be polite) picked it up and put it back.  That cemented our first Non-qualifying score (NQ).

The next day on Sunday we NQed in Beginners Novice because Tucker stood up as I was coming back to him during the sit-stay exercise.  He did the same thing at our third obedience trial in Harrisburg, PA the next week, so we know what we need to work on now.  In Rally, we NQed again during our first rally trial in Harrisburg, PA because he wasn’t really paying attention and decided not to heel during the 360 degree turn (Our second NQ).  On the second day of rally in Harrisburg, Tucker did much better and would have gotten a 95, but he didn’t want to lay down, but we got an 85 and our first Q in Rally Novice.

We have rally and obedience trials, a CGC test and run throughs May 6-8, so we will have to get a lot more practice before then so hopefully we will get our last two RN legs and our last two BN legs that weekend.  We need to work on the sit-stay, front, finish, down and heel more than anything else. We also need to work on getting Tucker to respond whether I am offering food as a reward or not.

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