Leeloo Wins Her 1st Champion Points and Her 1st Major at Virginia Kennel Club!

Leeloo and I have been showing quite a bit this spring trying to get experience for both of us.  She is still very young having just turned one year old and I am a novice handler.  Leeloo is my first dog that I’ve handled myself in AKC shows.

This past weekend we had a show close to home, which was nice.  No travel and no hotel.  On Saturday, I was a bit nervous.  We won our 12-18 month puppy class, but that was it.  Sunday, June 26th things went a bit differently.  I could feel Leeloo really moving well and moving out to the end of the lead.  She was a bit more confident as was I.  I think I had really gotten used to just being there for experience because when we went back in for Winners Bitch and the judge, Mrs. Jean Fournier pointed to me, I pointed at my chest and said, “Me?”  She said “Yes”, so Leeloo and I went to the front of the line and accepted the Winner’s Bitch ribbon.  That gave her one point towards her championship.  I told Judge Fournier that it was the first point for both of us.  I think I remembered to say “Thank you”.

Then, we came out of the ring and things got more interesting because I completely forgot that I still had Tucker to show in Best of Breed and I had to take Leeloo back in for Best of Winners.  Leeloo and Tucker’s breeder, Carla found an irish setter breeder, Terri Murtagh to show one of them and asked me who she should take, Tucker or Leeloo.  I was with it enough to remember I wanted to stay on Leeloo so she wouldn’t be scared by being handed over to someone she didn’t know.  So Terri took Tucker and we went back in for Best of Breed competition.  Hannah, Leeloo and Tucker’s cousin won BOB, Tucker and Terri won Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed and Leeloo won Best of Winners over her brother, Dillin who had won Winners Dog for a three point major.  That meant Leeloo won a three point major too!  Woohoo!

I walked out of the ring and I didn’t even realize it was a major until Leeloo’s other breeder, Keith told me.  I was so excited that we’d won our first major!  Now we just need one more major and we will have the two required for her championship.  Yay!

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