We’ve gone totally raw!

Leeloo and Tucker started on a raw diet in September, so they’ve been on it about two months with no adverse issues and great results. They both have softer, thicker coats and very tiny stools. Raiden started the raw diet about one month later than Tucker and Leeloo because I wanted to check with his vet before proceeding because of his ongoing kidney disease. He seems to be doing well on it and we will get his kidney values tested again at the end of December to see how that is doing. I’m hoping we will see further improvement. Jasmine, our nine week old puppy started raw on Sunday, December 4th and she seems to be doing very well on it. She is eating all of her food, which she was not doing on kibble. Jasmine, like all of the dogs is gobbling down all of the raw food I give her. They love it!

Right now, Jasmine is eating a whole chicken thigh three times a day and gaining weight nicely. Now that her system is adjusting to the raw food, we will slowly start adding liver and other meats and leaving more fat and skin on the meats.

They are all a prey model raw diet, which is 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% organ meat (at least half the organ meat should be liver). We are learning as well go, but right now the easiest way to do this with only four dogs has been to buy a small (5 cubic foot) freezer and fill it with meat from the grocery store. Then, we thaw the food out as we need it. The dogs are mostly eating chicken and turkey parts with bones, ground beef and chicken liver. This is often fondly called “frankenmeats” in the raw feeding community. We will add more meats as we get more acquainted with where to buy meat in our community.

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