Jasmine Around Town

Jasmine has been out and about around town getting socialized since she’s been home with us. She has made several trips out to Petsmart and Lowe’s and always gets lots of attention.  She wasn’t sure what to think of her first trip to Lowe’s until she started getting lots of friendly attention, cookies and a new toy. As you can see she had lots of fun at Petsmart and got some new toys there too. Socialization is very important for all puppies, but especially for welshies since they tend to be reserved.

On Jasmine’s second trip to Petsmart, she got her picture taken with Santa Clause. She didn’t know what to think of the bearded guy holding her, but she wasn’t scared and her big brother, Raiden was with her. Jasmine has now visited with people of all ages and her tail is constantly wagging.

Jasmine and I (Crystal) will start obedience classes at Richmond Dog Obedience Club in January. We are already practicing and can’t wait to get started with formal classes. We will also be starting handling classes in the near future.

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