Happy Birthday Brooke and Princess!

Today would have been the 19th birthday of Eldorado’s Tumble’N Brook, my first “show dog”.  Hard to believe she’s been gone over 7 years.  She came back to her breeder (who I was working for as a teenager) at one year old in poor condition. She was thin, had no coat, the coat she did have was in terrible condition and she didn’t want to eat. Brooke was returned because she didn’t fit her first owner’s idea of a show dog. I hand fed Brooke and decided to take her home with me rather than taking a puppy out of the breeder’s next litter.

Every day after school I practiced show dog handling skills with Brooke and jogged with her up and down the street.  Brooke quickly started eating again and her coat became healthy and grew back long and beautiful.  After seven months with me Brooke thrived and was ready to be a real show dog.  She had a short show career with her breeder and a professional handler and then produced two champions in her first litter.  Brooke was a wonderful pet and one of my best friends for eleven years.

The 17th of June will be Princess’s birthday. She was born in 1991, so she would have been 21 this year.  Princess was my baby and my first heart dog.  I still miss her very much and it’s hard to believe she’s been gone for over 10 years.  She came from a backyard breeder and I paid only $150 for her, but she was the best dog and the easiest dog I’ve ever lived with.

Happy birthday to both of my golden angels!

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