X-ray shows 5-6 puppies in our upcoming litter

IM000000-markedLeeloo is expecting her first litter of puppies August 17th. I have raised many litters of golden retriever puppies while working for a golden breeder, but this is my first litter of welsh springers. I am so excited for our first litter of welshies. Today, we had an x-ray to try to get a count of how many puppies to expect Leeloo to whelp next weekend. The vet saw 5-6 puppies on the x-ray. I think I see six, so I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as the puppies are born.

The x-ray is on the right if you’d like to see it. Click on it to see a larger view. The puppies heads are marked with a number, but the sixth puppy, which is not marked, is between #2 and #5.

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