Tracking and K9 Nosework

Leeloo and Penny started tracking class in December. This is Leeloo’s third year of tracking and Penny’s first year of tracking.  Leeloo quickly remembered what she was doing and up to 450 yards, 4-5 turns and tracks aged up to one hour and 20 minutes. I’m planning to have her certified so she can enter a tracking test in the next couple months. Penny started out slowly, but she now loves tracking. She has learned about right and left turns and will be continuing her tracking classes next year.

Penny and Leeloo also started taking nose work classes a few weeks ago and they both love it. Nose work allows them to use the great sense of smell to detect herbal scents inside and outside of buildings, in boxes and around vehicles.  Most dogs love it and it is a great way for them to build confidence.  Nose work also works well with to keep them using their nose during the warmer months when we don’t do much tracking.

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