Male Versus Female Puppies

Most puppy buyers have a preference for a certain gender of puppy.  Usually this preference is based on past experiences or what they’ve heard about one gender or the other so I wanted to give perspective buyers my thoughts on both genders.

Many people believe that female dogs are sweeter than males.  This is typically not true.  Most welshies no matter which gender you get love to cuddle, but there are exceptions to this rule.  Even if they don’t love to snuggle with people, all welshies want to stick close to their owners.  All welshies have different temperaments just like people.  Some are more mellow and easy going and others are very active and will find trouble if you don’t keep them busy and it really has nothing to do with gender.  That’s why it’s important to discuss your lifestyle and activity level with your breeder so they can pick out the perfect puppy for you.

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