A Great National Specialty in Jefferson, WI

welsh springer spaniel tracking dog

We traveled with Poppy and Fanny to the National Specialty May 2-5, 2019 and had a great time!  We started the week on the tracking field watching Wynn earn his TD title.  Great job Wynn and Karen!

On Friday, I showed Poppy and Fanny in conformation and Fanny was fourth in her 9-12 month bitch class.  Later in the evening I took a tracking seminar and Fanny and I earned her Trick Dog Novice title, which was an adventure since we hadn’t really trained for it.

On Saturday, Jason showed Fanny in Sweepstakes and I showed Poppy in the same class.  This time, Poppy was fourth in a large class.  In the regular classes, Fanny was fourth again.  That night we attended the annual banquet with friends from all over the country.

Sunday, we finished the week with Fanny winning her 9-12 month puppy class.  Then, Wynn made it to the last cut in the Specials ring and our friends and the breeders of my first three welshies, Keith and Carla Vooris won Best of Breed, Group 1 and Best in Show with a dog they bred, Rowan.  Congratulations Keith and Carla!  I’m very excited for them!

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