Picking Up a New Puppy During Covid-19

welsh springer spaniel puppy

We are all worried about how to handle seemingly normal activities in the age of Coronavirus. Meanwhile, many people are now working from home and it can seem like the perfect time to pick up a new puppy. At the beginning of the pandemic, many breeders were postponing litters because we were afraid that veterinary services might become unavailable due to the shortages in PPE. We don’t want to need a c-section only to find out our vets can’t perform surgeries safely due to lack of PPE. Now that PPE shortages are being dealt with and veterinarians are feeling more confident about being able to provide services, breeders are starting to move forward with planned breedings again, but you still have other concerns that we need to think about in the age of covid-19.

One of the major concerns for breeders is how to socialize puppies when we might not want to invite people into our homes. Great breeders start socialization long before your puppy ever goes home. We now have some guidelines from organizations like Good Dog and AKC on how best to socialize our puppies during this time, but that’s a topic for another post. The topic of this post is how I will go about getting puppies to their new homes.

I prefer buyers to fly or drive to my home to pick up their puppy. In this environment, many breeders may prefer buyers that live within a few hours of their home.

My next litters will not go home until around July 2021. In the meantime, many things could change, but I will come up with a best possible plan for puppy pick up to keep puppy buyers, the puppies and myself safe, send the plan to my puppy buyers a week or so before the puppies go home and discuss it with them.

Sizzle welsh springer spaniel puppyHere are some possible ideas:

  1. Conduct multiple phone interviews in place of in person visits.
  2. Fill out paperwork and the contract by phone and email before the puppies go home and use an app like Docusign to have the buyers sign the contract electronically. Electronic signatures are just as legally binding as hand written signatures.
  3. Send copies of all documents and instructions electronically and discuss prior to puppy pickup so we can minimize time together.
  4. Socially distance in my front yard for puppy pick up. I can put the puppy in an expen or on a leash to hand the puppy to their owners and have the owners pick the puppy up from the ground.
  5. Give puppies a bath before they go to their new home.
  6. Ask everyone to wear gloves and masks during puppy pickup.
  7. Make sure all items that will be going home with the puppy are in a sealed container that can be sanitized.
  8. Have hand sanitizer available and lysol on hand for shoes.

That’s all the ideas I have for now. Do you have any other ideas to add about how we can make transitioning puppies into their new homes safer for all involved?

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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in a WSS puppy. I am very flexible and can provide an abundance of information about my living situation. Please let me know how to proceed.

    Thank you,
    Chris Messinger

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