Two New Litters at Cryslen Welsh Springer Spaniels

Two New Litters at Cryslen Welsh Springer Spaniels

I have two new litters born May 17th (four girls and three boys) and May 25th (three girls and five boys). Several pet/companion puppies are still available as well as placements for show/performance homes. Pick male from both litters may be available.

Here are Poppy’s puppies born May 17th:

And Fanny’s puppies born May 25th:

For more information, check out my puppy page and read all about how I raise my puppies, then fill out my application.

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  1. Katelyn Smith

    Hello my name is Katelyn! I have been looking for another welsh puppy for awhile now. I currently have a welsh mix at home named Zoey and would love to add another to our home. If you could please let me know if you have any available that would be wonderful! Welsh Springer Spaniels have been my favorite breed ever since I got Zoey about 3 years ago. I love their breed because of how much energy they have. I’m an active person and need a dog that can match that but I also love to have cuddle days and they match that perfectly.

  2. Val Teplyuk

    We are very interested in getting a male Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy.
    Really liked your site and pictures of your welshies.
    I just left you a msg.
    Our number (408) 707-5525, we are in CA, no need to ship, can fly in to pick up.
    TC hank you, Val

  3. Rose


    I’m researching breeds for my next PTSD dog and have stumbled across Welshies. As someone that seems to have been breeding them for a bit, would you be willing to answer a few questions about temperament and such?

    Thank you,

  4. Patricia Sweeney

    Beautiful website with so much good information. I am a RN on the verge of retirement looking for a dog. Preferably older pup, or young male. I have 30 acres of land in upstate NY. Have been without a dog for almost a year as my 16 year old mutt died of pituitary tumor. Do you have time to talk about any dogs available? Trish 518-755-1412 or land line is 518-392-3193.

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