Litter Due November 7, 2021. Taking Applications Now

Jagger Sizzle welsh springer spaniel puppy

Cryslen Welsh Springer Spaniels is expecting a litter out of Fletcher and Poppy on November 7th. If you are interested in a welsh springer spaniel puppy, please read our Puppy Information page and fill out an application. I do ask for four email references.

Please note that we do not ship puppies via cargo. Buyers will have to fly here and fly puppies home in under seat carriers if they are not able to drive.

We do not export puppies outside the USA at this time.

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  1. David Sinclair


    We live in New York City and are looking for a large handsome male to grow with our teenagers

    We lost our much loved Standard Poodle over a year ago, and the time is right for a new dog. We have an active household, with someone mostly home all day, and my office is in the building. We are weekending in town and in the country.

    My wife and I have grown up with dogs and horses and other creatures. We are comfortable with different dogs and animals.

    Your history and knowledge about the breed is impressive. And comforting

    Please write back, or call


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