Exciting recent show news – a new Bronze GCH and a Sporting Group 4

Cryslen Destiny's Don't Stop Me Now

Congratulations to Catherine Lee and Farley on winning a Sporting Group 4 – a first for me and Catherine! On August 6, 2022, they won a Sporting Group 4 in Greenfield, MA beating 83 dogs. Great job, Catherine and Farley!


Farley looking beautiful after the show.
Farley’s ribbons

Huge congratulations to Lauren and Karen Gaines on owner handling Wynn to his bronze grand champion title start-to-finish showing only an average of eight times a year!  He finished his title on August 28 by going Select Dog/BOBOH in Lake Elmo, MN for a 5-point major against some serious competition. Wynn was tied 13th in breed standings in 2021 and is currently tied at #17 for 2022.  So proud of this fabulous team going out in style.

Wynn’s certificate and medallion
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