New Titles for Trü, Sizzle and Cheeky

new AKC title

This past weekend in Doswell, VA on August 27th, Sizzle and Trü each earned one new title. Sizzle took on the challenge of the new AKC Temperament Test (ATT). She went through the paces of going over tarps, hula hoops, cavaletti poles, grates and latters, and hearing whistles, horns and seeing umbrellas opened. She also saw people dressed in costumes, walking with crutches, and dropping chairs. Sizzle was approached and petted by strangers. She came through it with flying colors to earn one of the newest AKC titles. Sizzle is now Cryslen’s Pop It Like It’s Hot ATT. She needs only one point to finish her AKC Champion title.

Trü participated in Fast CAT for the second time. She’s got the swing of it and did two runs every day for four days. It was hot most of the weekend. Her fastest time was on the second day at 19.59 MPH. On the last day, her first run earned her BCAT title. Now she has two titles at the end of her name CH Cryslen’s No One But You BCAT TKN. Trü is going to continue doing Fast CAT and already has points towards her DCAT title. Cheeky also got to do a fun run in Fast CAT.

The next weekend in Raleigh, Cheeky earned her trick dog title. She loves doing tricks so I wanted her to have the chance to do the trick dog evaluation in person even though you can still do it virtually. She did great with all the excitement of the show and still worked for her treats. Her tricks were shake, high five, push ups, paws up, jump up, jump in a box, sit in the box, spin, find it and touch. Cheeky is now known as Cryslen’s Too Big for My Britches TKN.  She will be working on her barn hunt and scent work titles this fall.

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