Welsh Springer Spaniels doing AKC Fast CAT

fast cat welsh springer spaniel

Last year, several of the Welsh Springer Spaniels I’ve bred started doing Fast CAT. I also started doing Fast CAT with Trü.  She loves it! 

Getting Started in Fast CAT

learn to run in fast cat

Fun runs are a great way to get started in fast CAT. Fun runs at AKC fast CAT trials are usually everyday except Sunday at the end of the day and cost $5-10.  Fun runs don’t qualify for points toward fast CAT titles and you can do the run anyway you like.  You can run in front of your dog, run with your dog or have someone take the dog halfway down the track and release them so the dog can more easily see you at the catch pen calling them to you. 

Trü’s first time doing Fast CAT I didn’t know about fun runs, so I just went ahead with entering her two days.  Jason released her and I was in the catch pen calling her.  The first run, she didn’t know what to do and they said to let her watch a little longer and try again.  The next time she still would do it so Jason went down the track with her.  The next time when Jason tried to release her, she hesitated just a second or two and took off.  When she got to me I praised her and had a big party for her and she thought it was super fun.  After that it was a while before we were able to make it to another fast CAT trial and I was afraid she’d forget about this cool new thing she loved, but she didn’t forget and her times were much better than her first qualifying run. 

Since then she’s been hooked and loves to do it. Trü earned her BCAT in 2023 and her DCAT in March 2024. Another fun way to practice that Trü really loves with to play with a flirt pole.

Our Contenders So Far 

After we started fast CAT with Trü several other Cryslen Welshies have tried it and they were all very successful. Here are the list of Cryslen Welshies who participated in fast CAT so far:

  • welsh springer spaniel doing fast catCryslen’s Hot Toddy “Whiskey” (will soon earn his BCAT) – #3 WSS for 2023 
  • Cryslen’s The Hottest Ticket in Town DCAT CGC “Jagger”- #9 WSS for 2023 
  • CH Cryslen’s No One But You DCAT RATO TKN “Trü” – #14 WSS for 2023 
  • Cryslen’s Back By Popular Demand BCAT SCN SIN SEN “Tucker” – #17 WSS for 2023 
  • CH Cryslen’s Pop It Like It’s Hot ATT “Sizzle” (just getting started)

Congratulations to all the owner’s of Cryslen Welshies who have discovered Fast CAT and are having fun with their dogs.  I love this sport and how much the dogs love it. In addition, Trü, Sizzle, Jagger and Whiskey’s sire, Fletcher, CH Clussexx Red Letter Day At Stonecroft CGC TKN just earned his BCAT.  Congratulations to his owner/breeder Erin Miller!

Poppy, Fanny, and Cheeky have all done fun runs.  Sizzle will do her first official runs tomorrow at the Langley Kennel Club fast CAT trial. 

How to Participate 

If you want to get started in fast CAT, you can read up on fast CAT on the AKC website at https://www.akc.org/sports/coursing/. Here are some additional resources:

AKC Fast CAT Top 20 by Breed

Fast CAT Points Calculator

Sugarloaf Mountain Racing (enter Fast CAT trials in the Mid-Atlantic) 

infodog.com (look for fast CAT trials in your state)

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