Time for Calm

I've only been doing this for about a week and it certainly hasn't stopped the hyper behavior, but he is catching on to what I want very quickly, so I'm hoping the need for this exercise will eventually be eliminated as he sees that he gets what he wants by being calm.

My Lore Trained Dog Needs Help Thinking for Himself (or You Could Say “Using His Brain”)

Raiden can learn and he will do whatever you ask him to do if: 1. he's been lored into that position before and given a command to go with it enough times to remember it and 2. you have a treat in front of his face. Missing either of those two elements means Raiden requires a lot of time and patience and waiting around for him to figure out what you want and he usually gives up or I give up and tell him what I want.

A New Obedience Game

The game I'm simply going to call the sit-down-stand game. I'm sure I'm probably not the first one to try this, but I'm going to start Tucker with just sit and stand because he knows both. I'll give him the sit command, say "good" (his marker), reward him and release him with the word "break."

Consistency is The Key to Training Success

When I remember to make them sit at each door they get better at figuring out that that's what they need to do. If I forget to make them sit at the door, they get confused. I'm figuring out that the more consistent I am the more clear they are on what they need to do to get their reinforcement, which is to be allowed to go through the door.