Welsh Springer Spaniel breeder

Core Principles

My breeding philosophy starts with these core principles:

  1. Well-researched and planned breeding program to conserve and continuously improve the Welsh Springer Spaniel breed.
  2. Show and performance puppies available to approved homes. Companion puppies available occasionally.
  3. All breeding stock evaluated for hip dyplasia, elbow degenerative conditions, eye disorders, and hypothyroidism with results entered into the OFA database. Require all puppies I produce to be evaluated for these required health tests so that I truly know what I have produced. My breeding dogs also have basic cardiac and Embark DNA testing.
  4. Promote DNA testing for breeding stock to support future DNA research and findings.
  5. Foster genetic diversity by keeping the 10-generation COI by pedigree (coefficient of inbreeding) percentage of each breeding below 12.5%.
  6. Structure and breed type of breeding dogs proven by participating in AKC dog shows.
  7. Encourage all dog owners to participate in sports with their dogs knowing that if they find an activity their dog loves they will never regret it. 
  8. All puppies sold by written contract.
  9. Breeding for health and longevity, temperament, and structure
  10. All litters raised in my home.

Goals of My Breeding ProgramWelsh Springer Spaniels

  1. Breed Conservation: Preservation of the original Welsh Springer Spaniel with the hunting instincts it was bred for and the structure to work in the field all day.
  2. Continuous Improvement: Breed to the best dog I can that compliments my bitch by improving where she is weak and not having any of the same faults as my bitch.
  3. Continuous Socialization: Socialize puppies and educate puppy buyers to continue to socialize throughout the first year of each puppies’ life and beyond.
  4. Emphasis on Temperament: Breed confident temperaments to confident temperaments combined with socialization to breed happy companions and performance prospects.
  5. Proven Versatility: Breed for versatile Welsh Springer Spaniels that can perform in dog sports with joy and enthusiasm.
  6. Breed the Best to the Best: keep the best puppies from my breeding program to move forward with and breed them to the best dogs I can find.

What I Breed For

Versatile Welsh Springer Spaniels with great breed type that conserve the traditional round, “spanielly” type of the breed and natural hunting ability. Confident temperament without exaggerated shyness, anxiety or aggression.

What I Do Not Breed For

  1. Dogs for children when the adults in the family do not want the dog just as much as the children.
  2. Dogs for children under 10 years of age
  3. Small golden retrievers because welshies have a reserved temperament with new people that is quite different from golden retrievers
  4. Welshies with exaggerated features that are incorrect, but considered flashy or elegant in the show ring just because that may be what is winning in the conformation ring (eg. over-exaggerated rear, over-exaggerated coat, breeding for specific markings or for a lack of markings, etc.)
  5. Welshies specifically for the purpose of service work, though well-socialized welshies can make great therapy dogs.