Cryslen's Too Big for My Britches

Cryslen’s Too Big for My Britches TKN RATN RATI “Cheeky”

Cheeky 12 weeks and Fanny

Cheeky is from the pants litter out of Sutton and Fanny. She is staying at Cryslen WSS. Cheeky has been taking tracking class in the winter of 2022/2023 and practicing scent work at home.

Cheeky 4 months oldWhat’s in a name?

The theme of Cheeky’s litter was bottoms/pants. I liked the name Too Big For My Britches and it fits her perfectly. Cheeky was the call name I came up with that goes with the name and is very cute.


Cheeky’s Titles

  • Trick Dog Novice
  • Barn Hunt Instinct (RATI) – Earned November 11, 2023
  • Barn Hunt Novice (RATN) – Earned November 12, 2023

Cheeky 8 weeks oldCheeky’s Health Testing

  • 8/11/2022 – OFA Eye: exam at 8 weeks old, Normal | WS-EYE571/1M-VPI
  • 7/20/2023 – OFA Hips: Prelim Good at 12 months old

Health Notes:

  • Cheeky has an umbilical hernia.