CH Cryslen’s Good Girl Gone Bad “Poppy”

Poppy welsh springer spaniel

Poppy was the third puppy in Jasmine’s last litter of four girls and she’s staying at Cryslen WSS along with her sister, Fanny. She’s turned out to be pretty mellow, calm and sweet like Jasmine. Poppy was the one that always slept in the litter box (there’s always one), the loudest {most spoiled). She resembles her grandsire, Tyce and sire, Xander and has beautiful structure. She has a pretty face, pretty, round cat feet, proper proportions, balanced front and rear angulation, a correct topline and tailset and lovely movement. Poppy finished her AKC championship in October 2020 completely from the bred by class.

What’s in a name?

The theme for Poppy’s litter was Girl and I liked the name Good Girl Gone Bad. She was by far the loudest puppy in the litter and she was named Rowdy for a couple weeks, but it turned out she wasn’t a bad girl at all and that call name really didn’t suilt her. I considered a few different call names, but I thought Poppy was a name that fit her and one I’ve always loved since I first saw the golden retriever, AM/CAN CH Russo’s Pepperhill Poppy SDHF OD.

Poppy’s Titles

  • AKC Champion

Poppy’s Health Testing

  • 8/11/18 – OFA eye exam by Dr. Ann P. Bosiack: Normal with Breeder’s Option PPM WS-EYE384/2F-VPI
  • 6/17/19 – OFA thyroid paniel: Normal | WS-TH852/12F-VPI
  • 6/17/19 – OFA Hips – Prelim Good
  • 6/20/2020 – OFA heart auscultation by Dr. Jessie Weidman: Normal | WS-CA86/24F/C-VPI
  • 6/15/2020 – OFA Hips: Good, X-ray | WS-2290G24F-VPI
  • 6/20/2020 – OFA Elbows: Normal | WS-EL1173F24-VPI
  • 7/18/2020 – OFA eye exam by Dr. Michael Blair | WS-EYE384/25F-VPI
  • CHIC Number: 149898
  • Poppy’s OFA page
  • Embark DNA Testing Profile

Poppy’s Accomplishments

  • Poppy started her show career at American Spaniel Club in January 2010.
    • Best in Sweepstakes at Maryland Sporting Dog Association on March 2, 2019
    • Finished her AKC championship in October 2020
Show Date Judge Class Result Points
Virginia Kennel Club 1/26/19 Mrs. Joan V. Savage Bred By Exhibitor Bitches 1/W 2
Mattaponi Kennel Club 5/19/19 Ms. Debra Thornton Bred By Exhibitor Bitches 1/W 1
Virginia Kennel Club, Inc. 6/22/19 Mrs. Nena Dee Bred By Exhibitor Bitches 1/W 3
Upper Marlboro Kennel Club, Inc. 7/06/19 Mr. Douglas R. Holloway, Jr. Bred By Exhibitor Bitches 1/W/BW 3
Greater Philadelphia Dog Fanciers Assoc. 10/23/2020 Ms. Elizabeth Muthard Bred By Exhibitor Bitches 1/W 2
Wilmington Kennel Club 10/24/2020 Mr. Charles L. Olvis Bred By Exhibitor Bitches 1/W 2
Wilmington Kennel Club 10/25/2020 Mr. Desmond J. Murphy Bred By Exhibitor Bitches 1/W 1
Middleburg Kennel Club 10/28/2020 Mr. Danny D. Seymour Bred By Exhibitor Bitches 1/W/BW 2
Total CH Points 16