apply for a welsh springer spaniel puppyAre you looking for a Welsh Springer Spaniel puppy?

Two Litters Planned for 2024

After a two year break from puppies to do performance training and shows with my dogs, I’m pleased to say I’m planning litters out of Poppy and Trü in 2024 and Sizzle in early 2025. Poppy’s litter will be the first one (expected in May).

Poppy’s litter has been confirmed via ultrasound.  Taking applications for Poppy and Trü’s litters now.    
Welsh springer spaniel puppies

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welsh springer spaniel litter planned

To be considered for a puppy, please:

  1. Thoroughly read our puppy information page.
  2. Contact me if you have any questions.
  3. If you are interested in being considered for one of my puppies, please fill out my Puppy Application. I am not always able to respond individually to each application. Once you reach the “Thank You” page, your submission was successful.
  4. I do not sell my puppies on a first-come, first-served basis, but rather try to put each puppy in the best home for the puppy. Submission of an application does not guarantee you a puppy.
  5. After the litter is confirmed via ultrasound, I will finish vetting applicants.

New Tail Docking Policy for 2024

I have always followed the tradition of welsh springer spaniels being a docked breed, however, I’ve come to believe that some welshies would look better with a full tail.  Starting in 2024, I will decide on a case by case basis which litters will be docked based on the type and tailset of the parents, so please let me know whether you want a docked puppy. 

Looking for a family companion?

Sizzle Jagger welsh springer spaniel puppy

Welsh Springer Spaniels are uncommon in the US and the number of WSS puppies born each year is quite limited. With these limitations, there can sometimes be a lengthy wait for a puppy. In addition, no breeder can promise that a planned breeding will be successful. Rarely do responsible Welshie breeders have enough puppies for everyone who applies for one.

I recommend getting to know several breeders and applying with those breeders who you feel you’d like to work with for the life of your puppy. A breeder should be willing to support you and your puppy for life and that means being willing to take the puppy back should you ever find yourself in the position of not being able to keep it. Just keep everyone informed when you do find a puppy.

If for some reason, the breeder you want to work with doesn’t have a puppy for you from their current litter, you may have to wait for the next litter or find another breeder with an upcoming litter. In most cases, WSS breeders will help you find a puppy from another breeder if they don’t have one for you.

welsh springer spaniel puppy mom
Poppy and Charlie 2017

Socializing and Training A Welshie Puppy

Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies need a lot more socialization than some more popular breeds like golden retrievers even in the best of times. Without lots of outings to new places to meet people of all ages, they can be extremely reserved with strangers. Welshies need to have positive experiences throughout their first year and beyond. Do you have a plan for socializing a puppy?

A Word about Separation Anxiety

Welsh Springers can also suffer from separation anxiety especially if you are working from home everyday or retired. If you are home all day everyday and suddenly have to return to the office, a puppy will have no idea why you are suddenly leaving him/her alone after being together 24/7. Make a plan to teach your puppy how to be happy being alone. Leave the house without your puppy at least a couple times a week. It;s best if you can do this everyday. Go for a coffee and leave the puppy at home. Do not come back until you have given the puppy time to settle down on it’s own. This will result in a happy Welshie that knows you are eventually coming back and all will be well.