WSSCA Rescue Litter – born January 28, 2014

All of the puppies in this litter are spoken for. If you would like referrals to welshie breeders with upcoming litters, please feel free to email me.

Bella pregnant foster dogWe are raising a litter of purebred welsh springer puppies for WSS Rescue. The mother dog, who I called Bella (pictured left) arrived in Virginia on 1/24/14.

Please understand that this litter was available through rescue and was not bred by Cryslen WSS. The pedigree is not the same quality as the puppies produced by Cryslen WSS and health of the parents cannot be guaranteed, but we will provide the proper nutrition, vet care and socialization to give these puppies the best start possible.

Bella had 6 boys and 1 girl on 1/28/14. One tiny boy has a cleft palate. He has been taken into the care of The Mia Foundation for continued tube feeding and surgery should he need it when he gets older. The other six puppies are doing great and growing like weeds. Bella is being a great mother.

Update 3/2/14: I just wanted to let everyone know that all six puppies from Bella’s litter have a home waiting for them. Bella also has a home waiting for her pending cat testing next week.

Update 3/29/14: Bella has gone to her new home and has settled in very quickly. Her new family is thrilled to have her. All of the puppies have now gone to their new homes and all of the new owners report that they are all doing very well.

The background: When Bella came into rescue, she was clearly only days away from having her puppies. We did not have any idea when the puppies were due, so we transported her to VA as quickly as possible and she had her puppies four days later. This is the first rescue litter that WSS rescue has ever raised, but I will raise the puppies as closely as possible to how I would raise a litter of my own.