My Lore Trained Dog Needs Help Thinking for Himself (or You Could Say “Using His Brain”)

Raiden can learn and he will do whatever you ask him to do if: 1. he's been lored into that position before and given a command to go with it enough times to remember it and 2. you have a treat in front of his face. Missing either of those two elements means Raiden requires a lot of time and patience and waiting around for him to figure out what you want and he usually gives up or I give up and tell him what I want.

Consistency is The Key to Training Success

When I remember to make them sit at each door they get better at figuring out that that's what they need to do. If I forget to make them sit at the door, they get confused. I'm figuring out that the more consistent I am the more clear they are on what they need to do to get their reinforcement, which is to be allowed to go through the door.