champion welsh springer spaniel

Here are the titled welshies that I have owned or bred and the owners who titled them:

Owned by Cryslen

  • GCH CH Mystic Acres Kung Fu Fighting BN RN, “Tucker” – Roger and Kristi Hedges and Crystal Nolen
  • CH Mystic Acres Big Bada Big Bang TKN, “Leeloo” – Crystal Nolen
  • GCH CH Mystic Acres Cryslen’s Kung Fu Princess, “Jasmine” – Crystal Nolen

Owned & Bred by Cryslen

  • CH Cryslen’s Fat Bottomed Girl TKN, “Fanny” – Crystal Nolen
  • CH Cryslen’s Good Girl Gone Bad, “Poppy” – Crystal Nolen
  • CH Cryslen’s No One But You DCAT TKN RATO RATI “Trü” – Crystal Nolen
  • CH Cryslen’s Pop It Like It’s Hot ATT “Sizzle” – Crystal Nolen
  • Cryslen’s Too Big for My Britches TKN RATN RATI “Cheeky” – Crystal Nolen

Bred by Cryslen

  • GCH CH Cryslen’s One Way Or Another, “Murphy” (formally “Penny”) – Crystal Nolen (now owned by Farrer family)
  • Cryslen’s Seaworthy Jack RN, “Jack” – Lynne Jacoby and Crystal Nolen
  • GCH Cryslen’s Pride o’ Worth BN RI CGC, “Darby” – JoAnn Dolan and Crystal Nolen
  • GCHB Cryslen’s Worth A Million RI TD SCN SIN SEN CGC TKA, “Wynn” – Karen and Lauren Gaines and Crystal Nolen
  • Cryslen’s The Show Must Go On TKN, “Ennis” (formerly “Freddie”) – Crystal Nolen (now owned by Ted Illston)
  • CH Cryslen Destiny’s Don’t Stop Me Now CGC ATT “Farley” – Catherine Lee and Crystal Nolen
  • Cryslen’s Hot On The Trail RN CGC TKN FITG “Camp” – Cassidy Barnett and Crystal Nolen
  • Cryslen’s What’s Poppin? CGC “Charlie Girl” – Ann Boyce
  • CH Cryslen’s I Want It All “Merc” – Ginny Esh and Crystal Nolen
  • Cryslen’s The Hottest Ticket in Town DCAT CGC “Jagger” – Linda and Warren Hall and Crystal Nolen
  • Cryslen’s We’ve Got A Hot One RATI “Spark” – Heidi and Kara Connelly
  • Cryslen’s Bohemian Rhapsody BN RE CGC TKN “Galileo” – Patricia Hess
  • Cryslen’s Back By Popular Demand BCAT SCN SIN SEN “Tucker” – Paula Vane

CH Cryslen's Pride o' Worth BN RN CGC
“Darby” GCH Cryslen’s Pride o’ Worth BN RI CGC